What does your logo say about your brand?

Charity Nyambura January 6, 2022 1 Comment

Your logo speaks volumes about you. It can give your brand an idea about who you are. You personalize the website, letterhead, merchandise with your logo.
It can tell customers if you’re loyal, modern, playful, or fun.

“I can be trusted”
Customers notice and read into the subtle meaning of your logo. Believe it or not, classic bold fonts and highlighting the first letter of your logo can also create a sense of unity.

“I’m Hip and secular”
Minimal designs and natural elements such as leaves, trees, and globes make customers think of being outdoors, appreciating nature, and giving you a hip, modern, and earthy feel.

It Grabs Attention
The attention span for consumers is short businesses have two seconds to convince customers that their products are worth any consideration.

Your logo can work in your favor when you have a solid logo to speak for your company. Standing out from the rest has a lot to do with not doing what everyone else is doing.

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